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    Elkem closes acquisition of new facility in France to accelerate specialty silicones growth
    Elkem today announces it finalized the acquisition of a new ...
    Norwegian prime minister opens energy recovery plant at Elkem Salten
    Prime Minister Jonas Gahr St?re today opened the new energy ...
    Announcement on Obtaining the Approval of the Joint Restructuring of Sinochem and ChemChina
    On March 31, at the approval of the State Council, Sinochem ...
    Elkem Silicones Shanghai inaugurates a new production workshop for H&EV products
    November 25, Elkem Silicones held a grant opening ceremony f...
    Large series dry unit of complete sets of equipment, anode protection of sulfuric acid cooler, waste heat the pot; Furnace, reactive screw extruder, chemical industry and instruments and equipment automation etc.
    Nutritional additives for animal feed are compounds that are essential to the growth and health of livestock for industrial production.
    Bluestar is dedicated to improve the living conditions of people, and exerts itself to carry out its social responsibilities.
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